Woman Crush Wednesday


Who remembers the legendary Brooke Penelope Davis?! I was reading an article online about how more women should aspire to be more like her, and I thought, damn that is so true.

Ever since the first episode of One Tree Hill, I wanted to be just like Brooke Davis. She was confident but still caring. She had all the boys, she was class president, and she was freaking gorgeous. Did I forget to mention she started her own clothing line Clothes Over Bros when she just in high school, and it became a million dollar company? She accomplished my ideal life!

Even though she is just a character, she shows young girls everywhere that if you want something and you want it badly, you can be that one in a million. As long as you always stay grounded, humble, and focused ♥

“Brooke Davis will change the world someday, and I’m not sure she even knows it”.


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