Puerto Rico 2013

Puerto Rico 2013

Puerto Rico 2013

This throwback Thursday picture is from my summer trip to Puerto Rico last June. We went to go visit our family there and celebrate the birthdays of my father and my little sister. For my father’s birthday everyone was told to wear a dress that was in the shade of green and this is what I picked!

Now Puerto Rico in the summer is…well hot. So I wanted to go with something that would keep me cool but still presentable for a party full of family members. I went with a jade green maxi dress because that specific shade goes really well with my skin color and the maxi dress would keep me cool and comfortable.

I accented the dress with a cognac brown braided belt and brown and beige earrings. I also had brown wedges on but the dress hid them in this picture.

I have curly hair so in the humidity it became extremely poofy and I had no idea how I was going to fix it. Here’s how I got this boho chic look: I wet my hair and then sprayed it with Aussie hairspray. I crimped it with my hands so I had the messy beach hair look and then took two sides of the hair, twisted it, and secured it with bobby pins. I then sprayed my hair again to make sure it was in place and I think it turned out pretty well!


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