Sky High and Super Fly

tumblr_mi8ij9KCKK1r3d6g3o1_500_large Another huge inspiration of mine that is probably one of the things I’m most known for are stilettos. I absolutely love everything about heels and wearing them. I have been able to walk in heels ever since I can remember and any occasion possible that I could have an excuse to wear them, I totally would!

I’ve always been one of those girls that would always dress over the top and I just love to dress up and look super cute even if I’m just going to the mall. I always get those stares like “Why is she so dressed up for?” but hey if you got it flaunt it right? So that’s exactly what I plan on doing!

My favorite kind of heels would be very high stilettos with a thin heel and preferably closed toed. I’m not too big on the wedge or peep toe thing although I definitely do think they look cute on other people. I want to have a pair of stilettos in every color and different styles like suede and patent, studded or with spikes, all of it! I think I am doing pretty good so far with my heel collection and I’m excited for it to expand farther!

So tell me what you think, yay or nay on heels and if you love them like me, which style is your favorite?


What do you think?

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