If you’ve made it to this page then you are no stranger to the power of networking

If you are:

A Fellow Fashion Blogger: I would love to connect with any fashion bloggers, especially if you are located here in Virginia Beach and throughout the Hampton Roads area! Follow my blog!

The Talent:  Are you someone who I should connect with?  Feel free to contact me and don’t forget to follow my blog!

A Friend of Talent: Know anyone I should connect with?  Feel free to contact me and don’t forget to refer them to my blog!

A Local Brand or Shop: I am born and raised in Virginia Beach and I support local businesses.  If you are a local brand or shop looking to connect to discuss opportunities, contact me!  And don’t forget to follow my blog.

A Dear Friend or Family Member: Thank you for all of your support.  I would not be where I am without your being there for me.  Please follow my blog and share it with everyone you know. 

  1. Hey Jayde! I really love how the main thing you love to do is show your style in 100 million ways at once! As my sis, you really inspire me. Thank you for all you do from picking out my school outfits to taking me this far in life. Love ya!! ❤

  2. Hey Jayde! I’m a blogger here in VB! I just found your site searching for other bloggers in the area. I’d love to hear from you! Do you know of any other bloggers around town?

    • Hey! Sorry about just coming across this so late I have been away from my computer for a while but I saw your website as well and I really love it! Its also nice that you’re a local blogger as well! I would love to hear more about your blog and any kind of advice!

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