Black and White

Same shirt 3 different ways!

Same shirt 3 different ways!

If there is one person that I do follow on instagram its Nina Nguyen or ninzeey. I love the way she dresses because she mixes up pieces you wouldn’t think go together and it ends up looking really cute! Her style is a lot like mine so I like to look at a lot of the outfits she puts together for some ideas and then make it my own.

This is how she used the same shirt three different ways and all of them are in black and white. They’re all casual but it hits every style like girly , edgy, and laid back.

In the first picture she paired the t-shirt with a sheer maxi skirt and made the shirt off the shoulder for a cute date night outfit!

The second picture she makes the same t-shirt a crop top and adds black jeggings with a spiked leather jacket and spiked boots for a more edged out look (which I love).

In the last look she paired the shirt with loose jogger pants and nude heels for a a nice shopping day.

Just by switching out one piece of an outfit you can really change the entire vibe of it! Try it out!


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