So I don’t feel like getting dressed…..


Leggings: Body Central $9
Sweater: Charlotte Russe $15
Scarf: Wet Seal $9
Riding Boots: Wet Seal $39

So I admit, no matter how much anyone loves to go all out when they get dressed , we all have those days where we just don’t want to do anything. Your brain just doesn’t even want to think about what outfit you should wear. So what do you do?

This outfit right here is my go to outfit. Whenever in doubt pull out the leggings! Leggings pretty much feel like pajamas you can walk out in public with. I just paired these basic black leggings with a teal sweater (that was extra warm by the way) and tied it all together with a white infinity scarf and my brown riding boots. The scarf and boots really took the outfit to another level and I was both extremely comfortable but still presentable.

Leggings have become ridiculously popular and can be found anywhere! If you’re just starting the legging trend then you can do what I did and start with your basic colors like black, grey, white,brown, and off white. Now for the more eccentric people, there are so many designs to choose from. There’s tribal print leggings, polka dot leggings, I’ve even seen king tut leggings! Just pair the patterned leggings with a basic, plain top and you have  another way to look casual cute!

The options are endless, so just try it!


What do you think?

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