Tribal Print!

Image found on Pintrest

Image found on Pintrest

Tribal Print!! Ahh I absolutely love it. You’ll see me post a lot wearing tribal because it seems that everything that I’ve bought lately has this print on it.

I love it  because you can find the print in any color combination possible and there are different kinds of tribal print, each one isn’t the same. I also love the boho chic aspect of it, I’m really getting into that kind of a style and experimenting a lot with it lately.

This is the type of outfit I would wear to go to the mall or a little lunch date with some friends. I always say there’s nothing better than being comfortable but still cute at the same time! I would take some cute acid wash cut off shorts with a loose t-shirt and a cute colorful tribal print cardigan to go on top. I love how she ties in the teal from the cardigan into her purse. I personally don’t have a teal messenger bag but I do have a neon orange one that I would incorporate into the outfit. I’d wear beaded sandals if its warm or even a pastel colored pair of vans!

For the hair I usually always wear my hair down but you can easily do a really nice sock bun or messy beach waves for a laid back effortless look. This is how I dress on a day to day basis and I love it!

Tribal print can be found anywhere and especially now that stores are putting out their Spring collections you should definitely take advantage and snag it while you can!


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