Daring in Leather

Nothing says "Its going to be a fun night" more than leather pants.

Nothing says “Its going to be a fun night” more than leather pants.

Courtesy of Pintrest, I found this outfit and I thought it would be totally perfect for a girls night out! I have always been a fan of the more edgier looks and this look is a mesh between edgy and girly.

The leather pants conform to your body to accentuate your legs and back side and the loose blouse keeps it fresh and fun. Flowy, plain, high-low tops would be the perfect kind of shirt for this outfit. Too much design can clash with the leather making it look like there’s too much going on. Use the opportunity of black pants to bring in a pop of color to the outfit with a bright shirt. Teal is a color that I personally love but hey if you’re feeling really wild go for a neon pink or yellow to get yourself really noticed! Finish off the outfit with a statement necklace and pointy toed heels for an extra kick!

What makes this outfit perfect is the fact that its mostly basic pieces that you probably already have in your closet. its just the way that its put together that makes a statement. Leather pants can be found for ten dollars or less in pretty much any popular store such as Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, H&M, and Forever 21.

Bring out your dark side and try some leather!!!


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