Heeeello Curves


Image found on Pintrest

Alright, so I am a firm believer that not everyone is a size zero and you shouldn’t have to be! Curves are a beautiful thing and there are lots of ways that you can accentuate them and embrace them!

This is such a cute outfit for a date that will leave his jaw dropping. I’m just a bit obsessed with cheetah print so as soon as I saw this skirt I already loved it. Cheetah print goes with just about any color you can think of but you don’t really see it with mint a lot so that’s another reason why I was really drawn to this outfit.

The high waisted pencil skirt accentuates all the right places like your hips and bum, but hides any problem areas you might think of. A cropped blazer that sits just above the hips is what you’re looking for in an outfit like this because you don’t want to have two long pieces of clothing , it’ll just weigh you down and that’s not a good look! Add the finishing touches like a big necklace and nude heels and he will call you for another date in no time.

You don’t have to show a crazy amount of skin to look sexy and show off your body. A pencil skirt will do that and more!!


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