Birthday Outfit

Image found on Pintrest

Image found on Pintrest

So technically birthdays aren’t considered a holiday, but to me birthday parties are a huge deal! If its my birthday then I would go all out to where you would swear I’m in the Upper East Side in another episode of Gossip Girl. But what if the birthday wasn’t yours? You don’t want to outshine the birthday girl, but you don’t want to look like you lost your fashion sense either. So what do you do?

If it was me I would go for something a little unconventional. I’m an edgy girl with girly tastes if that makes any sense. I love to mix and match styles and this outfit is something I would wear to a party for one of my friends. I love the cute little polka dot mini dress because its nice and flowy and moves very well. To make it more my style I would throw on a leather motorcycle jacket on top to edge it out.

Now when it comes to the shoes you can go three ways with it. Combat boots, flats, or heels. Depending on where the birthday party is and what you’ll be doing has a lot to do with what shoes you would pick. Nine times out of ten I will always go for the heels, preferably stilettos. There’s just something about wearing tall heels with a short dress that makes your legs look long and lean. I would do a nice red heel and do a red lipstick as well for a little pop of color to the overall look.

Have fun dressing up and do something a little crazy!


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