Guest to a wedding

Image found on Pintrest

Image found on Pintrest

Ahh weddings, gotta love them. I happen to love dressing up for them! Now everyone knows the number one rule of a wedding: don’t wear white. That is just never a line you want to cross. Another rule that should be common sense is not to steal the shine away from the bride.

If there isn’t a specific color or style dress to be worn, this is something I would wear for a wedding. Its a reasonable length and there is no crazy design that will take anything away from the bride. The deep neck plunge adds a sexy sophistication but the skater bottom keeps it appropriate and not so skin tight. I also absolutely love the color burgundy so this would be perfect for a fall wedding with all the pretty leaves changing color.

I would do a simple black clutch with gold pumps for a punch or you can do a nude for a more subtle touch. My hair would be down with soft waves or maybe a french braid in the front with the rest of the hair down (very Lauren Conrad). Finish it all off with gold accessories and you have a classy and tasteful wedding outfit!


What do you think?

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