Prom Prom Prom

Cox High School Prom

Cox High School Prom

Prom is probably what every teenage girl looks forward to senior year, well other than graduation of course. I was fortunate enough to go to multiple proms so I took advantage of it and went for a completely different look for each one. This was Cox High School’s prom in Virginia Beach. I wanted to wear purple because it was a color not many people expected me to be in. I picked a dress that was satin and very simple but was cut out in the back because I think that my back is my best feature.

Knowing that I wanted my dress and the back to be the main attraction, I went for a very simple up-do  because I didn’t want my long hair to cover the back design and I also chose to do very simple make up and stick to just having a colored lip gloss.

For accessories I also kept it very simple by not wearing a necklace and just having a pair of hoops, but I made it more elegant by choosing rhinestone hoops so it added a little bling and flare to the simple attire.

The outfit was a success and I loved the way everything turned out! This picture was taken on the beach right after prom and it became one of my favorites. I loved flowy dresses in the sand!

I hope you guys liked what I decided to wear that night!

What are some of your favorite prom looks?


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