Ring In The New Year Right

Skater dresses are the new thing this season , play it up with a subtle lace pattern to keep it classy but sassy!

Skater dresses are the new thing this season. Its fun, flirty, but lets you breathe and move! Can’t beat comfort that’s cute!

New years is a holiday that always tends to be for the fashion forward. What you usually see are sequin dresses, lots of silver, and lots of skin. I wanted to go in a different route for 2014 and opted for a conservative beige skater dress with a blue lace design.

The 1930’s was always my favorite era because I fell in love with the classic lace designs, the pearls, Christian Dior , and the fact that women would still look beautiful in dresses that came to the knee and had no crazy cut outs. It was a very self- confident era for women and I felt like this dress was the perfect modern interpretation of the era I most love.  

I got this dress at Charlotte Russe for about 20 dollars and just paired it with a pair of nude colored stilettos I had in my closet from a few years back. I decided to choose nude so that it wouldn’t take away from the blue in the dress and decided on pearl earrings to keep the look elegant. 

Dab on a subtle pink lipstick and outfit complete! I got to say this was one of my favorites , Happy 2014!


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