Pretty in Pink

Perfect Places to get this look are Forever 21 , Jc Penney, Macy's ,Charlotte Russe, Body Central

Perfect places to get this look are Forever 21 , Jc Penney, Macy’s ,Charlotte Russe, Body Central

Wake up people!!! The boring work attire is out of here! So can you tell I’m kind of ready for spring and summer? I just want to start wearing neon colors already!

Who says that just because you work in an office you just have to wear white and black? Boring! This is such a young and fresh take on work attire and I absolutely love it. I take advantage of any and every opportunity to bring color to an outfit and this is just the icing on the cake.

The high waisted look is so in right now so just make sure your pants are tailored and boot cut and you have instant work appropriate pants. I love the sheer neon pink button up because it adds so much life to the outfit and its not showing any skin…like at all. If you’re not a fan of pink, just substitute it with a blouse in your favorite color or a really fun design like tribal print or polka dots.

Add a fun necklace to bring it all together and you have a really fun work outfit that you can wear on the weekends to be the life of the….office? Yeah that sounds perfect.


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