Sassy Skirt

Image found on Pintrest

Image found on Pintrest

For the more girlier office girls, this outfit is for you! I love how this outfit can go from a day time work look, to a night time outfit.

The outfit if you separate it is really simple, but its the way that its put together that makes all the difference. The main focus of the outfit is the black lace midi skirt. Its young and in trend because of the lace but its work appropriate because of length. Then she accents the skirt with a basic mustard long sleeve sweater. If you don’t happen to like yellow you can change it to whatever color your prefer. Then she touches it up with a gold chain necklace, nude heels, and a nude colored bag. Perfect for the office.

What I love most about this outfit is the fact that you don’t have to make work clothes boring. Actually, I think that if you have fun with your outfit it makes you a little more excited to go to work and show it off.

In fact this outfit is not only a good look for the office, but its a great interview outfit as well! You know what they say first impressions are everything!


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