Spring at the Office

Image found on Pintrest

Image found on Pintrest

Spring time is around the corner people! You guys already know I am all about bringing color to your office attire and here is another outfit to add the collection! Now this outfit is actually really easy to put together and I’m sure that most of the pieces can be found right in your closet somewhere!

She has a white and blue striped high waisted pencil skirt, a simple white blouse tucked in, and a contrast of color with a bright pink tailored blazer. She has the sleeves rolled up for a more casual look but they can also be rolled down if it happens to get cold. She adds simple jewelry with a thin gold chain necklace.

These items are very easy to find, I actually have the exact same skirt that I got at my job Body Central for $16.00 during the summer! Blazers can be found in absolutely any department store, but I always get mine at Charlotte Russe because they tend to have brighter colors!

This look is very versatile and you can switch out the color of the blazer depending on the occasion, for example on the Fourth of July you can wear the same outfit but switch out the pink blazer for a red one!


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