You better Work

The big question that seems to be floating around a lot is “What should I wear to work?” Just because you work in an office or have a dress code doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous.


This is an outfit I would personally wear to the office. My favorite color is red so I would obviously tie that in with a crisp, red sleeveless blouse with a detailed neckline that shows just the right amount of skin. Nice tailored , straight legged pants are office appropriate but aren’t too flared and look amazing with heels. They also elongate the legs which is an extra plus since I’m on the short side of things.

Now what you can add to the outfit that isn’t in the picture is a nice blazer. To play things up I would choose to wear my tuxedo blazer that’s white with a black satin collar. For some reason the combination of red, black, and white has always been one of my favorites. Its like you just can’t go wrong with it.

This kind of an outfit if you’re on a budget can be found in places like H&M , Forever 21, JC Penney , depending on what you’re working with. All you really need is a really good pair of black pants and you can have an immense amount of style options. But I would also keep a grey and beige pair tucked away in your closet for when you want to play up the usual office get up.

Work away ladies! Work away!


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